Web & Mobile Developer and agile learner with passion for user-centered design, education and the visual display of quantitative information

WDI Instructor, General Assembly

I currently work as a full time instructor for General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program. Students in the program spend 12 weeks learning to code websites using three distinct dev stacks.

The project linked here is an example project I built for demonstration purposes using Node and Express.

Link to Example Project

Javascript Lead, Web Design + New Media

I taught mobile web technology to MFA Web Design students at an art school in San Francisco. I began a thesis development class with a technical discovery phase where students research modern tools to solve problems for their users. This gives me broad exposure to modern web code.

The slide deck at right will give you an idea of how I approach learning, as a teacher.

Sample course materials JSON with jQuery for Web Designers

Custom Native iOS App and Rebranding - FabCAD, Inc

I conceived and coded an iPad app for an AutoCAD Developer. The app is a visualization tool for ornamental metal contractors who use his desktop software. I also built his website using a template he purchased.

The app is quite expensive but this screen capture will show you how the app works.